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Dah Ken OEM service scope

1.Design and manufacturing of motorcycle brake disc
2.Welding of iron and aluminum metals for automotive & motorcycle parts, construction metals, sports equipments, medical equipments and bicycle parts, etc.
3. Professional processing of CNC lathe, MC milling machine, broaching, centerless grinding, and bore honing.
4.Professional tube bending mainly for iron, copper, stainless steel and aluminum alloy.
5.Punching parts for variety of automotives and motorcycles.


To provide professional welding for iron and aluminum metal.
To lead in the automation equipment to factory and apply the robot-aided arc welding to production.
To take quality, efficiency and expertise to serve customers.

Brake disc

The supplied product has both the optimal tenacity and abrasion resistance.
Its production is mainly to produce variety of wave discs and circular discs made of stainless steel material.
It is the professional OEM brake disc manufacturer designated by leading manufacturers worldwide.
Current specifications available: Outside diameter Ø150~Ø400

Affiliated company

Suzhou Dawei Precision Co., Ltd.
RST Greenergy Tech. Co., Ltd.